Hi! I'm a digital nomad and Distributed System Consultant.

Are you doing Data Processing? Low Latency Systems? Or Blockchain Products?

I build backends using innovative technologies.

I help you design, build, test and scale your software stack.

I use computer science, maths & software design to turn complex projects into agile products.

I help you


I focus on making products easier to manage. I take complex concepts and complicated systems and make them simpler.


I support products using new or unfamiliar technologies. Through constant technological surveys, prototypes & fundamental Computer Science I build insights & filter best options.


I build projects that adapt to different business sizes. They grow in scale or reduce in costs. I work with Petabyte-scale datasets & milliseconds latency.

Some Projects I worked on

Big Data Processing Optimization

Optimized a query engine with adaptative algorithms.

Blockchain & Decentralized Systems

Training, Mentoring & Services in the Blockchain space.

Chatbot & Conversational UX Research

“Sur Mesure” chatbot systems for businesses.

Interactive Autonomous Life

Created a playful AI for a humanoid robot.

Testing Infrastructure for a micro-services platform

Designed a continuous integration framework to support the development of new products.

Serialization Protocol Compiler

Custom Protocol-Buffer pipeline.

Distributed Cache Algorithms

Extended the capabilities of a distributed database with specialized algorithms.

Terabyte-scale Database & API

Owner of a storage platform.

Companies I worked with