Companies I worked with

Some Projects I worked on

Big Data Processing Optimization

Optimized a query engine with adaptative algorithms.

Java Hadoop HDFS Meta-Heuristic

Blockchain & Decentralized Systems

Training, Mentoring & Services in the Blockchain space.

Blockchain Distributed Systems Decentralized Consensus

Chatbot & Conversational UX Research

“Sur Mesure” chatbot systems for businesses.

Facebook Messenger Javascript ES6 Firebase Google Cloud Functions

Interactive Autonomous Life

Created a playful AI for a humanoid robot.

Robot UX Python C++ User-Centric Design

Testing Infrastructure for a micro-services platform

Designed a continuous integration framework to support the development of new products.

Kafka Docker Drone Python Pytest

Serialization Protocol Compiler

Custom Protocol-Buffer pipeline.

Java JavaCC Low-Level Encodings Code Generation

Distributed Cache Algorithms

Extended the capabilities of a distributed database with specialized algorithms.

Zookeeper Java Distributed Algorithms Pytest

Terabyte-scale Database & API

Owner of a storage platform.

HBase Cloudera Docker HAProxy Python Java C

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